Book you childs next birthday or event with us!

Carmens Lil Chefs party is the perfect way to celebrate the birthday or event of a young eaer-to-learn child.

Not only does cooking with kids provide an invaluable hands-on activity to entertain them and their guests, it concludes with a meal for them all to enjoy and what child doesn't LOVE cupcakes! Your child's party will be the talk of their guests for years to come!

We are prepared for a mess - we don't worry about flying flour or spilled milk at Carmens Cupcakes, that's what makes it FUN!

Carmens Lil Chefs do everything that is safe, including measuring, pouring and stirring ingredients, and decorating and OF COURSE... EATING!

What to expect:

*We will arrive at the destination point 15 minutes early to set up. All Parties lasts 1 1/2 hours
*They will be suited up with a Carmens Lil Cupcakes Apron.
*The children will all get 6 cupcakes each or 6" round cake (whichever package you choose).
*They will all line up around the tables and be matched up with their cup(cakes), ingredients, etc.
*They will be provided with punches, "cookie" cuttters, decorations, etc.
*Fondant or Gumpaste for making their own One of a Kind toppings! We will teach them how to create specialty creations using these!
*The children are all given their own pastry bags filled with the icing of there choice and then they are off.. icing their cupcakes and moving to the sprinkle station where they load them with there favorite candies on top!
*Then we have them pick which candies and ingredients they want on top of their cupcakes. Do they want to add sprinkles, chocolate chips, gummy bears, etc. .. they have so much fun making it there own.. and eating the candies along the way!
*After we are all finished perfecting and decorating the cup(cakes) our lil chefs come to the best part ever.. EATING A CUP(CAKE)!
*They will take 6 cupcakes home with them for themselves and their families to enjoy and taste there Culinary Masterpieces!

After the Master Pastry Chefs and finished with their masterpieces, we will have a face painter or balloon artists their to entertain the children.. you can also take this time to open presents!


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